A Week at Camp Gulf

April 17, 2018

I have come to terms with the fact that it is extremely difficult for me to say “no”.  I am always busy, agreeing to take on new projects, kids activities,  jobs, clients, volunteering opportunities,  and it goes on and on.  My plate is always full, which is how I seem to work best.   The day to day busyness seem to make our lives pass by so quickly. So,  I recently closed up shop completely, (even email, which never happens) and I was out of the office for a few weeks to take some time to rejuvenate myself and refresh my mind a little.  I turned on my automated email response and spent a week camping with my family on the beach in Destin, Florida.  We spent our days, playing, swimming, reading, and eating.  Our poor little Cora was struck with the flu about 20 minutes before arriving at the airport.  We had to make an emergency gas station stop to clean both her and the car, and we frequented the airport restrooms, but we made it to Florida and the sun was shining!  She was such a trooper the entire week even though she wasn’t feeling well.  Liam loved every minute of being outside and making friends on the beach.  It was so nice to slow down and enjoy this time with my family without the distractions of everyday life.   I did of course take my camera along and captured some of our week through images and video.  There is nothing spectacular about the artistry of these images, but these memories mean the world to this momma.

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